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Jul 24, 2011 8:00am PDT
, or they could be underemployed, taking part-time positions at fast food restaurants. but what i was really encouraged by, in the past 15 months before that, from january 2010 , to april 1, 2011, those 15 months, the age group landing the most jobs by far were the 55 and older. that was 103 million jobs. so, even though it may include some underemployment and people that gave up, those numbers are still massive. i felt quite good about it. >> okay. you see people everyday looking for work, and you advise them, certainly. are a lot of them finding the jobs they really want, given maybe they are underemployed, but underemployed in something he really want to do. >> that is another phenomenon that takes place in midlife. for a lot of us, our values change and shift. we may not be looking for the high profile jobs or the job with a lot of money, but we may be wanting to shift careers and give back to society. absolutely. i think it depends, again, sometimes people need to accept an income producing job. they may accept something not that fulfilling. but if they have the opportunity,
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Jul 6, 2011 6:00pm EDT
correspondent john roberts reports on the underemployed. >> i was making a good salary. i was traveling a lot. i had nice benefits. >> a nice way to fall for janet from recruiting manager at a big new york law firm to picking up odd jobs. >> i got tremendously depressed. i had days where i couldn't get out of bed. it's hard to motivate yourself. >> same story with damien in winston, salem, north carolina. >> four jobs. i felt like i had loser tattooed to my forehead. >> the hardest part was telling his young daughter there wasn't enough money to make ends meet. >> she would bring her piggy bank and say daddy, why don't you break in the piggy bank so that you can pay some of bills. >> ten popsicles, $25. >> steven carse. analyst at insurance giant aig, now selling popsicles on the street of atlanta. >> the main thing is when i lost my job you feel helpless. three people, all forced to survival jobs to pay the bills. the underemployed. according to gallup, one in five working americans are in the same boat. it was the school teacher who lost her job. she had two jobs bagging groceries. >>
Jul 30, 2011 1:00pm PDT
work. supporting those unemployed and underemployed people, supporting struggling small businesses in a difficult economy, and i support the small businesses versus more chain stores that seem to be coming into the store fronts, but i try to be sympathetic to local businesses because they make up the diversity of our local neighborhoods. those are some of the challenges that face our businesses. >> are there other issues specific to your district? how do you balance the needs of the issues in your district against the needs of the city as a whole? >> i know that our district has a higher proportion of seniors than some other district, and there is a brand new senior complex and wraparound community services complex called the institution on aging bridge housing complex, but it is going to concentrate a lot of the senior services and nonprofits. about 180 units of affordable senior housing in our district. i am actually a baby boomer, at the edge of the baby boomer, and i know that baby boomer era. there's this huge boom in a population of seniors in our city that will grow. i think
Jul 17, 2011 8:30am PDT
underemployed and none of the things he said we need to do in order to turn that around have worked. as far as waiting longer to deal with us, here are the fact i came to the washington in january we knew this debt limit issue was upon us, nothing happened during the state of the union and proposed a budget that was so ludicrous not even the democrats and the senate would vote for it, a budget that increased the debt, not solved it. months went by, weeks went by and up until very recently the president was completely disengaged from this debt limit debate and i do think that in the context of politic, there was a strategy to leave this to the last possible moment so there would be would be a take it or leave it scenario like some are painting right now and this is not a good game but a very serious issue, people watching at home they don't care who wins the debt limit debate they want to know why they can't find a job and the answer is until america has a credible solution to its debt problem people will be afraid to invest in america's economy and create jobs here at home. >> schie
Jul 8, 2011 4:00pm PDT
government 14.1le million unemployed, half of them long term. add in those underemployed, people who can only find a part-time job, about 22.7 million people hurt and hurt badly by this economy. let's dig deeper, chief white house correspondent jessica yellin and in new york where traders on wall street literally gasped when the report was released. jess, to you first, hard enough for the president, facing re-election, the unemployment rate is stubborn in the middle of this, trying to get a deficit reduction deal. you have reaction to the jobs report, release this, this is from a liberal think tank in town this is a remarkable across-the-board back slichld the president and congressional leaders need to stop talking about deficit reduction and start talking about job creation, that from the economic policy institute, a liberal think tank in town. the president is in quite a box. >> they know t they have tried some pretty remarkable measures to kick start the economies the way they know how and they are sort of out of tools. what they are frustrated about, they think that there are a few
Jul 29, 2011 8:30pm PDT
24 million people who are unemployed or underemployed. half of those have to get back to work. so i say close to 20 million jobs will center to be created, john, in the next 10 years. >> you think this -- >> 20 million jobs is what clinton created in his years. and george w. bush had actually negative job growth. and when this president took office, we were still losing jobs. i think at the rate of 800,000 a month for those first several months. this job growth is extremely weak. nobody is happy about it. but the awful truth is there isn't a lot that this government can do about it. maybe you have some secret ideas. >> no, they're not secret. there are a number of things that could be done. they should have been done at the beginning of the downturn. >> like what? >> like an infrastructure bank and get huge infrastructure programs underway. those are job multiple fliers, not just job savers. too much money was diverted by the congress to the cities and towns which basically helped the public service unions. these did not save jobs, okay? -- let me just finish. you have a real crisis
Jul 11, 2011 6:00pm EDT
to be unemployed or underemployed due to a job loss or serious illness. you have to apply by july 22nd. that's next thursday. if you live in maryland, virginia or west virginia, you are eligible. go to or call 855-346-3445. you will find all of this information, plus a list of the key documents you need and where to apply onure website -- on our website, >>> louden county chairman scott york says he will get to the bottom of an unfortunate situation at the chester police department. as peggy fox reports, there's a sexual assault charge involving another small child. >> reporter: brad miner was arraigned on forcible sod doe himmed him and indie cent liberties with a child. this happened back in march. he was put on leave at the time but not charged until lab results came back last week. >> on july 6th we obtained a charge of forcible sodomy against mr. mire. >> reporter: before the police had finished their investigation miner was allowed back to work. and now he faces more charges involving another 4-year-old girl. >> we opened up the accident into that
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Jul 16, 2011 8:00am PDT
insurance and don't have it. unemployed and underemployed have limited health care. i don't see what the big deal is about a bipartisan panel that limits cost in medicare costs that are run away. >> it is happening, this rationing. it doesn't make any difference if the government gets involved. >> instead of government control how about free enterprise and produce more health care and do better delivery. david, this panel is unconstitutional. it has no review and in terms of what they do and the way they ration health care, the death panels. they will say certain procedures you don't get reimbursed for. it is right after the elderly. >>> and it is not just steve forbes saying this. democrat frank palon new jersey congressman said i never support today and i would certainly be in favorolis. >> democrat frank paul thereto one is a fool. rationing is a good thing. when your health care provider said you can use this network doctor or pay extra out that is rationing . when the co-pay went up. that is rationing. it is called an economic system and benefits you ration things. when 10 perce
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Jul 20, 2011 5:00pm PDT
the folks who are quote unquote underemployed are also being paid off the books. >> you can't get a compete handle on t but this is a bad economy. get back to the poverty issue. we are not diminishing the suffering that the poor people have. i rode around south carolina interestingly enough a couple of months ago and you are look at shotgun houses and people living in dea lap dated. inside they probably have a few modern conveniences but there is no day at the beach. there is almost always a reason attached to poverty. it is not the capitalist system's fault. it is usually personal responsibility or something like that. >> i think, bill, it goes to personal responsibility. it also goes to a free enterprise capitalist system that right now is under assault. it is under assault. >> bill: absolutely assault. >> from its own leadership or from this president, this administration. and we have to come to terms with a reality that if we will inspire those who are small business men and women, the innovators in our society, we are going to start moving this economy forward. >> that is true
Jul 22, 2011 6:00am EDT
disappeared. unemployed and underemployed seem permanent now at 20% +. we have fewer jobs and they pay less and china is having the greatest boom in history and we are paying for it. we need trading jobs but the trade must be fair for both nations suffer. on fair trade uses child labor, prison labor, work without standards, work without environmental scorecards, and pirates the very design and products and plants that come into their nation. these unfair trade practices have cost us millions of our best jobs over the last 20 years, not just the last two, causing untold pain and anxiety and families across america and our leaders have done nothing but talk about the wonders of free trade, a so-called free trade has killed us. trade must be fair first. , then free. american presidents starting with george washington a pet -- protected american manufacturing jobs from predatory trade practices for more than 160 years. this is not a radical idea. this is what built america. it worked again after world war two for germany and japan, both of whom refused free trade. they protected their jobs. ger
Jul 6, 2011 6:00pm EDT
underemployed or unemployed, do you hammer the private economy. one more point. you mentioned yachts. i don't have a yacht. >> mentioned yachts. you mentioned airplanes. >> i went to bay water boats in georgia. they used to make a hundred boats a year. they were making one a month. all these working class guys. >> al, al, al. remember there used to be the old new yorker cartoon. a guy walks into this show room, right? the salesman says to him, if you have to ask what the price is, you can't afford it. it's the same thing. look, i'm goning it sit here and weep for the yacht owners and corporate jet owners. if they can't afford to pay the taxes, they can't afford the damn jet. but they do not deserve a special break. you want numbers, that's 3 billion, right? as that. >>> correct. >> 3 billion for corporate jets. that's $33 billion over ten years. 44 billion for managers. for people to walk away -- it is just dead wrong. >> who will win this? >> the republicans if they stai stand firm and they stand by their convictions. president obama will cave, al, as he always does. >> al, let me tell
Jul 13, 2011 4:00pm EDT
, underemployed, or so goods gruntled and so disenfranchised that they're no longer, that's not to mention those who are fully employed whose workweeks are turning into 50 and 60 hours. in short we feel del trayed by our employers. we don't feel supported by them. where do we look for support? we look for support with our loved ones. which changes the dynamics the personal relationships. we have to be very careful getting into marriage, getting into having a long-term girlfriend or boyfriend, that we're choosing a spouse or a committed partner for the right reasons. >> define right reasons. >> trust and loyalty. i think it's wonderful whether you're sexually attracted to someone, sharing similar activities and interesting, but to me, those are -- those are important, but knowing someone will be there regardless of whether your paycheck is rising, regardless of whether you lose your job, regardless of whether you have to downsize, i think that's invaluable. i think too often we seek the superficial reasons to get together rather than focusing on what ratherly matters and that someon
Jul 12, 2011 1:00pm EDT
more that are seriously underemployed that we're no longer in recession, it's an absurd allegation. >> not everybody quibbling over whether or not we're technically in recession to take your point that people are suffering would would you acknowledge that the economic consequences from failing to raise the debt ceiling would exacerbate that suffering? >> i think it might create circumstances for people that will be difficult, but i also know that the american public if you look at all the numbers are in support of not raising the debt limit. this is just a fact and it's been a fact since the beginning of the year. webb polling consistently. every polling agency says this. the american people understand what seemingly the president doesn't seem to understand and congress doesn't seem to understand. >> if for example, unemployment were to go higher as a result of the a failure to raise the debt ceiling you're prepared to deal with that con kwens? >> we're prepared to deal with the consequences of responsible behavior. you cannot continue to spend money that you don't have. it's commo
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Jul 13, 2011 2:00am EDT
great hair. it could learn something about my hair. >> if you are unemployed or underemployed person you probably take the job. >> yeah, but i mean what a painful thought. >> i wouldn't want to do it. but somebody will do it. >> let's not kid ourselves. both sides doth. they have been doing it for a long time. i did it in virtually every campaign i had. once in a while we used them in ads but more importantly, we used -- they were used for so you know, if they said one thing, one position in one administration and changed it in another we'd take that. >> there is the famous one where john kerry voted for it before he voted against it. it was a kid on the bush campaign looking through the video and said wait a second. he caught that. that defined the entire campaign and help bush win re-election. >> you're right. >> is this stuff use for blackmail? >> what? >> is any of this used for blackmail? >> hypothetically if could the stuff they find be used against the candidate to get them to drop out? >> no. >> yes. >> you're saying it at public events. let's make it clear. we don't sneak in the
Jul 9, 2011 3:00pm PDT
than 0 million people who are out of work, underemployed or who have simply stopped looking for work. on friday, the white house press secretary essentially defended what david plouffe had to say, basically doubling down and say people don't look at unemployment numbers when they vote for the president. and so at this point doesn't appear the white house is going take mitt romney's lead and fire david plouffe. >> it would be interesting to see because jessica and i were talking about it adds to the feeling of angst. we got all these independent groups that are out there just already pouring cash into the campaign and making their being known. have they weighed in on these jobless figures? >> you know, it's interesting because you would think that with these jobs report numbers that are out today that all of these outside groups that's going after the president in this upcoming president would have ads ready to go. does clear whether karl rove was planning to put this ad together hoping this jobs report would be bad but it is a pretty sharp take on the unemployment situation right now
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Jul 7, 2011 4:00pm EDT
, underemployed and those who is given up looking, that means there are 82 percent of the population that sell employed and maybe you did not know someone at church or your neighbor at grocery store. >>guest: when you have that number of people unemployed everybody knows the job market is terrible. and people are staying in jobs they don't want, labor mobility is reduced, labor anticipation and optimism is reduced and it affects everyone's view of how well the economy is going and that is critical. by the way it affects what people do in terms of shopping so it affect the consumer confidence which is at a record low. in the recesses sin the end of world war ii, just to give a number, the consumer confidence averaged 73 and the recession now it is at 57 so it will affect everything in the economy. >> and this is what the white house advisor said the average american does not view the economy through the monthly job numbers on g.d.p. or unemployment rate but they will vote on how do i feel about my own situation, do i believe the president makes decisions based on me and my family. so,
Jul 13, 2011 5:00pm EDT
we're 35th. the idea here is if you make under $65,000 a year, and are unemployed or underemployed and behind in your payments,. >> people can help. >> they're behind in their moment -- payments, three months, six months, whatever, we can help for a period up to 24 months. >> reporter: up to $50,000. it's a loan, but pay on time for five years and it's forgiven. >> i think it's wonderful. >> reporter: karen morris doesn't have a problem. but help to those who do will mean fewer vacant homes. >> we know there are empty places. kind of scary. >> today, no one on this street needed help. but they have enough money left, and they have to get rid of it by september, to help approximately 900 more marylanders. in northeast bawrlt, mike schuh, wiemple eyewitness news. back to you on tv hill. >>> if you or someone you know needs help, go to we'll document, click on local, and look for this story. >>> we have breaking news to report. the maryland board of physicians issues its ruling in the case of dr. mark meday. medee is a former st. joseph's medical cardiologist. the board found that mid
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Jul 6, 2011 11:00am EDT
who are underemployed? we have a live report coming up. patti ann: the unemployment rate in america is 9.1% right now. and many workers who have jobs are forced to survive on much smaller incomes or they're overqualified for the work they're doing. they're called the underemployed. for more on their story, john roberts is live in atlanta. john? >> good afternoon to you, patti ann. it is a sad reality of the new american workforce. millions upon millions of college educated workers laid off forced into survival jobs just to make ends meet. for example a school teacher working two jobs bagging groceries so she doesn't lose her house. then there's janet, who i met recently in new york. janet was a high-flyer, a recruiting manager at a major new york law firm with an ivy league education. >> i was making a good salary. i was traveling a lot. i had nice benefits. i worked with smart people. i took nice vacations. >> early 2009 it all came crashing down. mass layoffs put her out on the street with nowhere to turn. >> i decided to do whatever i could do. >> reporter: anything including bird s
Jul 23, 2011 7:00am PDT
% unemployed and underemployed, for heaven's sakes don't slam higher taxes on the people you expect to create new jobs. it's insane. there's economic theory. they believe in their heart if you raise taxes, not only does it break their promise, it will hurt want country. they're not going to do it. you have to understand they're not going to do this and accept that fact at least in the short term. what they will do, alex, is what boehner was negotiating to the president who was apparently offering lower tax rates and give up all these other allowances. they'll go for it. >> nick says big wrap, so make it fast. >> the keep is to get the budget under control. then you have confidence in the market. then folks say we'll solve this problem. if we go another couple years without solving the problem, it will do nothing but hurt the economy. >> okay. thank you for the big wrap, because otherwise nick would be screaming at me in the whole commercial. >>> the brutal heatwave continues to grip much of the country, but if you can't afford to run your air-conditioning all day, you can still beat th
Jul 19, 2011 8:00pm EDT
more important to people sitting at home. 20 million americans unemployed or underemployed would say jobs are more important. this is about incompetence in washington this is a story about a broken washington. >> if you were advising the candidates, many of whom are saying i'm going to not -- michele bachmann, not going to vote to raise the debt ceiling and talking about deficits, would you advise them to talk more about creating jobs and debt and deficit? >> i think if you were to watch any of them on the trail in iowa or new hampshire, i bet that that's what the bulk of their conversations are about, and i bet that's why you don't see them pull too deeply into this debate. this is not where the grassroots republicans voters are. this is a no brainer for grassroots republicans. federal government is too big, we should do everything we can to shrink it. it's important to give republican legislators credit. they are talking about how we find a way to make sure america doesn't default. >> my last question to you is what happens now? is this gang of six, do they go back to the drawing b
Jul 22, 2011 1:00pm PDT
either underemployed or unemployed. and that's the issue. and the more the president is dragged in to talking about spending cuts for the next six months, that's the other guy's book. >> as a democrat, senator, don't you blame the president for letting the other side set the terms of the political debate? >> no. the debt limit itself, there are certain things precipitated by events. i do think he could do things that would increase jobs. for example, i think he ought to say to any company in america, if you hire additional employees and don't lay anybody off, the government will pay 20% of the cost of that worker. that means there's a great incentive to hire workers and reduce the unemployment rate. you say you're going to cap this at $50 billion, first come, first serve. so as quick as they hire, the first people hiring, the lower the unemployment goes and the more the economy recovers. >> are there elements of a bill bradley benevolent dictator jobs program you would offer? >> let's start with that one, matt. >> what about the tax reform, ron wyden is invoking what bill bradley has
Jul 25, 2011 3:00pm PDT
capture the underemployed into the picture. everyday we are fretting. i don't care if you are democrat, independent, we are talking about jobs. if you want to keep obsessing about the problem, a long-term problem -- and not an immediate issue, then let's do this every month until the election. >> that's my question to you. are the republicans doing this on purpose so that it keeps the economy bad and it disattracts us from the real issue of talking about jobs? and job creation? i read you a lot on the huffington post and you keep bringing it up, but it is almost like overshadowed by people that are talking about everything that what the american poll of where is the jobs. the politics as much as the opportunity cost of continuing to focus on this. and i think you will hear that from the president tonight. and i would listen to the president tonight, to see if he suggest that he will veto, a deficit, that he will veto a debt ceiling increase that does not get us through 2012, ie, the boehner plan. >> so we can hear the president saying that he can veto a short term plan. we can
Jul 17, 2011 9:30pm EDT
of work or vastly underemployed. at the same time, fuel prices are going up. food prices are going up. wages are not going up, not just in government, but in the private sector. how are you going to get the economy going? how are you going to help keep the cost of living down and see wages go up? i have seven habits of what i think highly successful economies are. one is tax rates for employers that are competitive with the world, so we attract jobs here. second is to make sure we have regulation and government that is streamlined and modern. 3, trade policies that work for us, and not just the other guy -- and there are nations like china whose trade policies we about to. i do not understand that. we need to get energy independent. 6, i have great institutions. schools, training programs. finally, it is a government that does not spend more money than it takes in. do those seven things, and our economy will start growing again. wages will rise as employment comes up. that is the answer. >> as president, would you tap into oil reserves? >> you do not use the gas reserves other than
Jul 25, 2011 12:30am EDT
that has disappeared. unemployed and underemployed seem permanent now at 20% +. we have fewer jobs and they pay less and china is having the greatest boom in history and we are paying for it. we need trading jobs but the trade must be fair for both nations suffer. on fair trade uses child labor, prison labor, work without standards, work without environmental scorecards, and pirates the very design and products and plants that come into their nation. these unfair trade practices have cost us millions of our best jobs over the last 20 years, not just the last two, causing untold pain and anxiety and families across america and our leaders have done nothing but talk about the wonders of free trade, a so-called free trade has killed us. trade must be fair first, then free. american presidents starting with george washington a pet -- protected american manufacturing jobs from predatory trade practices for more than 160 years. this is not a radical idea. this is what built america. it worked again after world war two for germany and japan, both of whom refused free trade. they protected the
Jul 7, 2011 6:00pm EDT
job or underemployed, maybe you don't want to take more money out of the private economy. maybe you want them to create more jobs and invest in america. >> perry, you can respond or mr. franken. but clearly, we're not talking about taxing them more. we are talking about them no longer getting the tax cuts that was taken from the -- why do they keep acting like they are entitled to tax cuts that was put there for them to generate jobs in the economy that were not generated? perry? >> i'm surprised. i think senator hatch's statement will not be given by lots 6 republicans on the campaign trail. it is not a popular thing to say that the poor are not paying enough taxes, which is his point. the tax rates in america are some of the lowest rates they've been in generation peps so not -- whatever you think of the virtue of his position, that is probably not the best particular argument. >> mr. franken? >> well you can call me bob if you want, al? >> all right, bob. >> the argument that rick makes would be probably more potent if it were not for the fact that all of the wealth is held by a
Jul 30, 2011 10:00pm PDT
census bureau. as of june, more than 14 million americans were underemployed. some college students armed with cameras are traveling across america to document the faces of poverty. i spoke with amanda james and shelby bryant who shared compelling stories and images. >> what have you learned? shelby? >> honestly the thing that i've learned, the thing that i'm taking away from this most is the story is that of struggle actually have a light lining around them. everything has a fire basically. everyone that we are meeting has a positive outlook. >> the stories we found of struggle have so much strength. that's been one of the things that's been eye opening for both of us. >> absolutely. >> when we were in baltimore, it was the first day of our trip. and we met women who were single moms living one of the more rough areas of baltimore in the neighborhood of druid heights. one of the women we're interviewing invited us back to her neighborhood. >> when is the last time you heard about like someone you know getting shot or robbed or -- >> murdered? last week. >> we got to see what it's l
Jul 1, 2011 1:00pm EDT
unemployed or underemploy and the foreclosures and the kids who graduated from college and can't get jobs, and so they very good at articulating the problems and positioning them in terms of morality and basic american principles, but when it comes to policy, and legislation, he is constantly being outmaneuvered by the republicans, so he gives them a tongue lashing, but it is about preemptive surrender, and not prioritizing jobs, but deficit, and that one of the themes of the discussion and one of the things that concerns a lot of fe people who are obviously in the end going to vote for him rather than whoever the opponent is, but they are concerned about the lack of urgency when it comes to addressing the problems of jobs and the fate of the middle-class. >> at the same time, some have suggested that the president was so tough on the republicans at his news conference as a preemptive shot to make concessions in the deficit talks tom koshgs and concessions that are not going to satisfy many of his liberal supporters? >> well, that is is the pattern, andrea. he gives great speeches. someti
Jul 22, 2011 6:00pm EDT
get any time-out of those six months. there are more unemployed people bb underemployed people, people watching their neighbor's homes be forclose end their are wealthy people and argument still flies. if they are job creators they don't want to sacrifice be a increase in taxes, hey, where are the jobs? >> the president said tonight, if you can't do this with this democratic president, haven't you really blown an opportunity here? here is a democratic president willing to do this even people like brooks was saying, do this now and i think you have seen a president say i've gone as far as i can go. now you will walk out and leave me standing at at altar again, we have got to just stop it. the time has run out. how do you respond to that that. >> let me respond to joe madison too for heaven sakes. >> joe says we can't do it in six months because three months are wastes on the holidays. spt isn't six months better than one week if we are facing default? >> pat, listen to moody's. listen to sandard and poor's. the market will not take six months. they need more confidence than that. give i
Jul 4, 2011 2:00pm EDT
is unemployed or underemployed, and a welcome russian technology. so what i think has happened here is russia and germany have increasingly intense economic relationships. they cooperate, and neither of them are particularly happy of the world run by the united states. germany is not yet moved to this point. germany is still sorting through the wreckage of the e.u. and trying to figure out which way it's going to go. i suspect that it has stronger interests with russia at the moment. in the long run there was a reason soviet union collapsed. that reason hasn't gone away. so if i look out longer, i see those reasons there and see another weakness. but in the short run, given the state of the e.u., given the state of russia relative to the e.u., given the situation in the former soviet income especially given the massive preoccupation of the united states. as opposed to europe, this is an opportunity for russia to try to stabilize itself and it is doing fairly well. >> host: let's talk about the middle east. what does the middle east tell us about the perils of forecasting and the dan
Jul 13, 2011 11:00am EDT
six, people underemployed it doubles. what we're going to do beginning on the 8th of next month we're going to move around the country, first of all, into miami, south florida. we're trying to hire, get hired about 10,000 people. and that's a drop in the bucket. we know. except that the nation only has 18,000 new jobs created this month. so we think that 10,000 would be great, particularly if we can get unemployed african-americans in those jobs. but unlike other job fairs where people come and listen to corporations talk about what they would like to do, we actually are bringing the jobs with us. major corporations have already committed jobs, and we are thrilled that some of the biggest corporations in the country, like ibm, stepped up to the plate early on. so we're going to be able to actually create jobs. >> well, we wish you the best with that. as you said coming up on the 8th of next month. congress man cleaver, we're going to let you get back to work now. >> thank you. >> the rupert murdoch hacking scandal is expanding by the movement. developing right now news corp has withdr
Jul 21, 2011 7:00am EDT
either unemployed or underemployed. >> so you would have been foreclose on if not for this program? >> absolutely. this program, literally, we were seven to ten days away from foreclosure. >> reporter: the fund that saved her family is called the emergency homeowners loan program. as part of the dodd/frank act, lawmakers have set aside $1 billion to help qualifying homeowners get up to $50,000 to bring their mortgage current and help with two years of payments. the loan is forgiven after five years if the mortgage is kept up to date. >> we want to see those 1099s for that. >> reporter: in connecticut, the program has been up and running since april where one out of every 1525 homes is in foreclosure. >> it really helps people who have done everything they can to play by the rules. >> reporter: but elsewhere in the country, many of the neediest applicants may not receive the help. >> i don't think the people know about the program. have you heard much about it? >> reporter: 27 states launched the program just last month. and the deadline for applicants is friday. but for acampora, t
Jul 11, 2011 5:00pm EDT
, people who are underemployed could go up to 15, 17, 18%. somebody making $70,000 a year, they lose their job, but in order to put food on the table, they accept a job for $30,000 a year, they're considered fully employed, but they're certainly not making what they used to make. >> no, it's a different world. >> all right, jack, thanks very much. let's turn to iraq right now. leon panetta is putting the country's government on notice in the wake of deadly new attacks on troops. what's going on here? >> the new defense secretary is making -- is waste nothing time really making it known that he's going to be a very forceful presence. very blunt talk during his first trip to iraq as the new defense secretary. on his first trip as defense secretary, leon panetta delivered a blunt message to iraqi officials. either you go after iran-backed militias or we will. >> in june, we lost a hell of a lot of americans as a result of those attacks. and we cannot just stand back and allow this to happen. here's why he's so upset. they haven't seen that level of bloodshed in two years. >> my first re
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